Pioneering Cases: Vincent

Vincent is one lucky kitty! He was found as a tiny kitten at a campground in Iowa and was quickly adopted by animal lover Cindy Jones after she realized his severe handicap – Vincent was missing portions of both back legs! Cindy and her daughter Emily reached out to Dr. Bergh to see if there was anything that could be done for him.

After considering all of the possible options – including getting a wheelchair for Vincent – Dr. Bergh determined a pioneering new surgery was the best option for him. She worked with a veterinary orthopedics company called Biomedtrix, to create custom, state-of-the-art titanium-alloy implants to implant inside his bones. A portion of the metal implant protruded through the skin to allow various foot-like attachments to be attached.

Even though Vincent had never had normal back legs to walk on, soon after surgery, he learned to walk on his prosthetic legs! Vincent’s full recovery took time, patience, and a full team of doctors, nurses, and veterinary students at Iowa State University. Vincent’s story about what is possible captivated everyone at ISU, on social media, and beyond. His story has been featured in books and magazines! In addition, it fueled Emily’s passion for animals and now she has become a veterinarian as well.